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Advent of the Europeans

Advent of the Europeans

  1. Which one of the following was the first English ship that came to India?
    1. Elizabeth
    2. Bengal
    3. Red Dragon
    4. Mayflower


  1. Who among the following introduced cashewnut, pineapple and Tobacco into India.
    1. Dutch
    2. English
    3. French
    4. Portuguese


  1. Fort St George (white town), the first English (British) fortress in India was founded at
    1. Bombay
    2. Chinsura
    3. Madras
    4. Calcutta


  1. The battle of wandiwash was fought between the
    1. Nizam of Hydrabad and the French
    2. English and the French
    3. English and Hyder Ali
    4. Nawab of Carnatic and the English
  2. In 1600, the charter to the English East India Company  for monopoly of Eastern  Trade for 15 years was given by
    1. Queen Elizabeth I
    2. Queen Victoria
    3. James I
    4. Oliver Crownwell

    5. 1.       A 2.       D 3.C 4.B 5. A

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