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1.In which region of Himachal is Chamba Districtvasani devi recognized ?
(A) Dodra Kwar
(B) Pangi
(C) Sangla
(D) Rajgarh
2.Around which time was the Chamba princely state established ?
(A) 550-600 AD
(B) 400-500 AD
(C) 300-400 AD
(D) 200-300 AD
3.Chamba state Peoples Fedration was formed ?
(A) 1942
(B) 1944
(C) 1945
(D) 1947
4.Which Mughal emperor ordered the demolition of all the temples of the state of Chamba around 1678 AD?
(A) Akbar
(B) Jahangir
(C) Shah Jahan
(D) Aurangzeb
5.In which year the king of the princely state of chamba on lease
(A) 1837 AD
(B) 1846 AD
(C) 1861 AD
(D) 1864 AD
6.Which king of chamba left the throne in favor of his son Shyam Sing around 1873 AD and became a mastermind?
(A) Siri Singh
(B) Gopal
(C) Jeet Singh
(D) Charat Singh
7.Whose Guru Was Yogi charpatnath?
(A) Raja Varman
(B) Muskan Varman
(C) Sahil Varman
(D) None of these
8.Subhash bauli is located near which city/ town?
(A) Sahu
(B) Mehla
(C) Dalhousie
(D) Sarol
9.Miya Avatar Singh was the wazir of which princely state?
(B) Nurpur
(C) Chamba
(D) Bilaspur
10Which heir of the princely state of Chamba was rescued by a nurse and transported to another state because he was in danger of life from jagat singh?
(B) Prithvi Singh
(C) Chatar Singh
(D) Uday Singh

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