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      Current Affairs MCQS of :16 January

Q.1 “National Capital Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (NCAVES) is a project of which of the following International Organization?
b) European Union
c) UNO
d) G-20
Q.2 Recently In which Country has the world’s oldest cave painting found?
a) China
b) South Africa
c) Indonesia
d) Bhutan
Q.3 ‘Kanuma Festival’ is celebrated in which state?
a) Nagaland
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Punjab
c) Delhi
Q.4 The national Road Safety month 2021 is organized on which date?
a) Jan. 5 to Jan. 10
b) Jan. 18 to Feb.17
c) Jan. 10 to Feb 9
d) none of the above
Q,5 Recently which Country has been removed form the list of State Sponsor of terrorism?
a) Cuba
b) Syria
c) Sudan
d) All of the above
Q.6 Recently in which state of India the reserves of lithium has discovered?
a) Arunachal Pradesh
b) Nagaland
c) Karnataka
d) Odisha.
Q.7 Two-day ‘Praramba’ Startup India International Summit has been organized in which city?
a) Surat
b) Kolkata
c) New Delhi
d) Chandigarh
Q.8 India’s First ‘Driverless Metro Car’ has been unveiled in which city of India?
a) Mumbai
b) New Delhi
c) Kolkata
d) None of the above
Q.9 Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 3.0 in 3rd phase will be started in how many districts of India?
a) 300
b) 400
c) 600
d) 620
Q.10 Who has been chosen as the ambassador for the Golden Globes ceremony?
b)Jackson Lee
c) Both of the above
d) None of these
Q.1 (b) NCAVES is a project launched by European Union in 2017 with collaboration with United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD).
Q.2 (c) Archaeologists have discovered the world’s oldest known cave art — a life-sized picture of a wild pig that was painted at least 45,500 years ago in Indonesia.
Q.3 (b) Kanuma, the third day of Sankranti, was celebrated with traditional fervour and joy. Worship of cattle, merry-making and feasts marked the festival, dedicated to cattle that help people in agricultural activities.
Q.4 (b) Govt. has decided to observe National Road Safety Month from 8th Jan. to 17 Feb. 2021.
Q.5 (c) 
Q.6 (c) Lithium reserves has been discovered in igneous rocks at Allapatna region of Karnataka’s dist.
Q.7 (c) Union Minister Piyush Goyal has inaugurated two day ‘Prarambh’ Startup India International Summit in New Delhi on 15 Jan. 2021.
Q.8 (a) Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has unveiled India’s first Driverless Metro Car on 15 Jan. 2021 for Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) it has manufactured at BEML Bengaluru.
Q.9 (c) On 15 Jan. 2021 the 3rd phase of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas yojana will be started in 600 dist. across the country.

Q.10 c)

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