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Current Affairs MCQs :29th January 2021

Current Affairs MCQs :29th January 2021
Q.1 What is the rank of India in 16thedition of Global Climate Risk Index 2021?
a. 6th
b. 7th
c. 8th
d. 9th
Q.2 Recently which country has passed on order to appoint transgender in military services?
a. Russia
b. China
c. America
d. India
Q.3 International Customs Day (ICD) is observed on which date?
a. 22 Jan.
b. 23 Jan,
c. 25 Jan.
d. 26 Jan.
Q.4 AMPHEX-21 is military exercise of?
a. Air Force
b. Indian Army
c. Indian Navy
d. All of the above
Q.5 Which of the following has developed the 1st ever waste water Treatment Technology model?
b. IIT Delhi
d. Both A and B
Q.6 Which of the following films has won the Best Film in the 51stIFFA in Goa?
a. Terminator 3
b. Avengers End Game
c. Into the darkness
d. all of the above
Q.7 Shagun Scheme was started by which Indian state?
a. Punjab
b. Gujrat
c. Haryana
d. Bihar
Q.8 Recently which state has started ‘Ek Paudh Suposhit Beti ke naam’ Scheme?
a. Himachal Pradesh
b. Rajasthan
c. Assam
d. Nagaland
Q.9 Recently which of the following states has built the first eco-bridge for small animals?
a. Uttarakhand
b. Punjab
c. Kerala
d. Goa
Q.10 Recently which Indian has been appointed as global ECO of Bata?
a. Amandeep
b. Ravi Dubey
c. Sandeep Kataria
d. Pradeep Singh
Q.1 b)
Q.2 c)
Q.3 d)
Q.4 d) Indian Armed Forces conducted a large-scale conjoint military training exercise “KAVACH” alongwith “AMPHEX-21” in the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.
Q.5 d)
Q.6 c)
Q.7 a) This scheme will assist in reducing the percentage of child marriage in the state.
Q.8 b) Rajasthan Govt has initiated a new scheme called Ek Paudha Suposhit Beti Ke Naam or A plant on the name of well nourished daughter’ under BBBP scheme. This scheme aims to create awareness among people about the importance of nourishment of pregnant women and children.
Q.9 a) Ramnagar Forest Division in Nainital district, Uttarakhand, recently built its first eco-bridge for reptiles and smaller mammals.
Q.10 c)

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