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Current Affairs MCQs :9th February 2021

Current Affairs MCQs :9th February 2021

Q.1 Which country has joined hands with India in the field of Renewable Energy?
a. Japan
b. Nepal
c. USA
d. Bahrain

Q.2 Which of the following is the first state to implement the ‘e-cabinet’?
a. Kerala
b. Himachal Pradesh
c. Karnataka
d. Assam
Q.3 Ranked first in the aspirational districts rankings released by Niti Aayog in Dec-20?
a. Sravasti
b. Dhalai
c. Garhwa
d. All of the above
Q.4 Which state government has launched the ‘Tea Garden Dhan Award Scheme’?
a. Assam
b. Meghalaya
c. Sikkim
d. Arunachal Pradesh

Q.5 Which country has successfully test-fired a ‘Ghaznavi missile’ with nuclear capability?
a. Iran
b. Bangladesh
c. Nepal
d. Pakistan
Q.6 Which Ministry of the Indian government is organizing the event ‘Udyog Manthan’?
a. Ministry of Agriculture
b. Ministry of Finance
c. Commerce Ministry
d. All of above
Q.7 Which state government started the ‘SAANS’ campaign?
a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Chhattisgarh
c. Ladakh
d. Telangana
Q.8 Which country will set up the world’s largest offshore wind firm?
a. South Korea
b. North Korea
c. China
d. Japan
Q.9 Who Became the third Indian woman to join the Grand Slam?
a. Sania Mirza
b. Shikha Oberoi
c. Ankita Raina
d. Ankita Bhambri

Q.10 For the first time a team of women has been included in the Special Jungle War Commando Force ‘Cobra’ of which paramilitary force?
c) BSF

Answers –

Q.1 d)

Q.2 b) Himachal Pradesh has become the first State in the country to make the end to end processing of the cabinet paperless by implementing e-cabinet application.

Q.3 a) Shrawasti in Uttar Pradesh has topped in the ranking of aspirational districts by government think tank Niti Aayog in December 2020. Dhalai (Tripura) and Garhwa (Jharkhand) have been placed at the second and the third positions, respectively

Q.4 a)

Q.5 d) Pakistan has successfully test-fired a nuclear-capable surface-to-surface ballistic missile which can strike targets up to 290 kilometers.

Q.6 c) The commerce ministry is organizing the Udyog Manthan under which a series of webinars are being conducted on about 45 sectors including pharma and electronics.

Q.7 a) The health department in Madhya Pradesh has launched the Social Awareness and Action to Neutralise Pneumonia Successfully (‘SAANS’) campaign with the aim of reducing infant mortality due to pneumonia.

Q.8 a)

Q.9 c)

Q.10 b) February 6 (ANI): Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) on Saturday inducted women commandos in its anti-Naxal Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA) unit which will undergo training and then will be sent to Naxal hit areas.

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