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Current affairs MCQs of 13th March 2021

Current affairs MCQs of 13th March 2021
Q.1 Who has been appointed as the Chief Statistician of India?
a. G P Samanta
b. K S Murthy
c. B S Rama
d. M K Vishvanath
Q.2 Which Union Minister has been promoted as Captain in the Territorial Army?
a. Amit Saha
b. Giriraj Singh
c. Rajnath Singh
d. Anurag Thaku
Q.3 The world’s most powerful supercomputer ‘Fugaku’ is built by which country?
a. Japna
b. India
c. Russia
d. China
Q.4 Which women become the world’s second and India’s first female cricketer to complete 10,000 runs in international cricket?
a. Harmanpreet Kaur
b. Smriti mandhana
c. Mithali raj
d Deepti Sharma
Q.5 Which Indian was awarded the ‘Top 20 Global Women of Excellence Award’ for 2020 by the US Congress?
a. Ravi Gaikwad
b. Tamilisai soundararajan
c. Narendra Modi
d. Kiran Bedi
Q.6 According to NASA, which lake on Earth resembles the Jazero crater of Mars?
a. Pulicat
b. Victoria
c. Salda
d. None of these
Q.7 Who has won the Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership – 2020 Prize?
a. Irakli Garibashvili
b. Mario Draghi
c. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
d. Mahamadou Isofu
Q.8 In which state / UT is the ‘Herath’ festival celebrated on the day of Maha Shivaratri?
a. Kerala
b. Jammu Kashmir
c. Bihar
d. Uttarakhand
Q.9 Which country held its first Strategic and Counter-Terrorism Dialogue with India ?
a. Nigeria
b. Ethiopia
c. South Africa
d. Tanzania
Q.10 Which company has unveiled USD 25 million in grants for women empowerment in India?
a. Google
b. Facebook
c. Apple
d. Amazon
Answers –
Q.1 a) G P Samanta has been appointed as the Chief Statistician of India. He was serving as an adviser in the Department of Statistics in RBI. He will hold the post of Chief Statistician of India for a period of two years.
Q.2 d)
Q.3 a)
Q.4 c)
Q.5 b)
Q.6 c) As per a recent release by NASA, the rock and mineral deposits found on the Turkish Lake Salda, has the closest resemblance to the Jezero Crater of Mars.
Q.7 d)
Q.8 b) the festival of Shivratri ‘Herath’ is being celebrated across Jammu and Kashmir.The festival assumes colossal importance among the Kashmiri Pandit Community who celebrate it to mark the wedding of “Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati”.
Q.9 a) India and Nigeria held First Strategic and Counter-Terrorism Dialogue at the National Security Adviser level. The National Security Adviser of Nigeria Major General (Retd.) Babagana Monguno visited New Delhi, India at the invitation of India’s National Security Adviser Ajit K. Doval for the dialogue.
Q.10 a) Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced a range of programmes on March 8, 2021 and a grant of USD 25 million to nonprofits and social enterprises working on empowering girls and women in India.

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