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Current Affairs MCQs of 18th March 2021

Current Affairs MCQs of 18th March 2021

Q.1 Which state passed a bill to establish Yog Aayog for the promotion, regulation, training of Yoga?

a. Himachal Pradesh

b. Haryana

c. Telangana

d. Arunachal Pradesh

Q.2 When is the International Day of Happiness observed?

a. March 16th

b. March 17th

c. March 18th

d. March 20th

Q.3 Which  state has launched the ‘Kalanamak Rice Festival’?

a. Madhya Pradesh

b. Uttar Pradesh

c. Andhra Pradesh

d. Uttarakhand

Q.4 Who has become the first ever Indian Fencer to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games?

a. Bhavani Devi

b. Kabita Devi

c. Gisho Nidhi Kumaresan Padma

d. Jyotika Dutta

Q.5 Which company has made first ever PCs with plastic waste in the ocean?

a. Dell


c. Lenovo

d. Apple

Q.6 Which Album received ‘Album of the year’ at Grammy Awards 2021?

a. King’s disease

b. The New Abnormal

c. All the good times

d. Folklore

Q.7 Which states in the country have led in the usage of drip irrigation?

a. Assam, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra

b. Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala

c. Tripura, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra

d. Sikkim, Kerala, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh

Q.8 Who was appointed as the Director General in the National Security Guard?

a. Kuldeep Singh

b. MA Ganpati

c. Subodh Kumar Jesswal

d. Soma mandal

Q.9 According to the released World Air Quality 2020 report, which has become the most polluted capital in the world?

a. Ghaziabad

b. Bulandshahr

c. Delhi

d. Lucknow

Q.10 Who is the first Indian to receive the Asia Environmental Enforcement Award? 

a. Vikas Singh

b. Sanjay Kapoor

c. Gyanendra Ningombam

d. Sasmita lenka

Answers – 

Q.1 b) Haryana Yog Aayog Bill 2021 was passed along with four other bills by the Haryana Vidhan Sabha during the ongoing budget session. The bill was passed to establish Haryana Yog Aayog for the promotion, management, regulation, training of Yoga. The bill seeks to develop a system of Naturopathy systems of medicine.

Q.2 d) 

Q.3 b) After the grand success of the Strawberry Festival in Jhansi and the Jaggery Festival in Lucknow, the Uttar Pradesh state government is organising a three-day ‘Kalanamak Rice Festival’ in Siddharthnagar district.

Q.4 a) 

Q.5 b) Computer maker HP made its first ever consumer PC using plastic waste in the ocean, a move that builds on the company’s sustainability commitment.

Q.6 d) The 63rd edition of the annual Grammy Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles. Album Of The Year:“Folklore” by Taylor Swift.

Q.7 c) Up to 60 per cent of water used for sugarcane, banana, okra, papaya, bitter gourd and few other crops could be saved if a drip irrigation system is employed for cultivation. But only four States — Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra — have more than half of the net cultivated farmlands under micro-irrigation.

Q.8 b) 

Q.9 c)

Q.10 d) 

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