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Current affairs MCQs of 2nd March 2021

Current Affairs MCQs of 2nd March 2021

Q.1 Which state has approved a law to give life imprisonment to food adulteration?
a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Karnataka
c. Telangana
d. Andhra Pradesh
Q.2 The Indian Air Force gifted a 1971 war helicopter to which nation?
a. Russia
b. Germany
c. Bangladesh
d. France
Q.3 Which state government has announced a ban on Hookah bars?
a. Bihar
b. Jharkhand
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Gujarat
Q.4 Which among the following Payment Banks has recently been designated as Scheduled Commercial Banks by RBI?
a. Airtel Payments Bank
b. Fino Payments Bank
c. India Post Payments Bank
d. Paytm Payments Bank
Q.5 The Saras Aajeevika Mela 2021 has been organised in which city?
a. Pune
b. Hyderabad
c. Noida
d. Chennai
Q.6 Which state has been ranked 1st in the GSDP list?
a. Maharashtra
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Rajasthan
d. Chhattisgarh
Q.7 Who has taken the charge of Western Naval Command Chief?
a. Vice Admiral B S Dhanoa
b. Vice Admiral Karambir Singh
c. Vice Admiral R Hari Kumar
d. Vice Admiral RKS Bhadauria
Q.8 Traditional doll making art ‘Kaniya-Putri’ belongs to which state which was also shown in first ever virtual India Toy Fair 2021?
a. Bihar
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Jharkhand
d. Chhattisgarh
Q.9 Chenab bridge, the world’s highest railway bridge, is all set to complete an important construction milestone by?
a. March 2021
b. May 2021
c. August 2021
d. June 2021
Q.10 Who became the youngest girl in Asia to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro?
a. Shivangi Singh
b. Ritwika Sree
c. Bhavna Kant
d. Bala Devi
Answers –
Q.1 a) Madhya Pradesh Cabinet has approved Penal Law (Madhya Pradesh Amendment) Bill, 2021 to give life imprisonment to food adulteration.
Q.2 c) Indian Air Force (IAF) Chief RKS Bhadauria gifted a legacy Alouette III helicopter to Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of 1971 War of Liberation. Bangladesh Air Force chief also gave India a legacy F-86 Sabre aircraft as a return gift.
Q.3 b)
Q.4 b)
Q.5 c) The Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and Food Processing Shri Narendra Singh Tomar inaugurated Saras Aajeevika Mela 2021 at Noida Haat on February 26, 2021.
Q.6 a) Maharashtra has been ranked 1st in the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) list. Uttar Pradesh has been ranked 2nd in the list followed by Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat. Uttar Pradesh climbed 3 spots as compared to last year’s rankings.
Q.7 c)
Q.8 a) Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the virtual India Toy Fair 2021 via video conference. Participants from Bihar have come up with traditional doll making art like Kaniya-Putri which is an important part of folk-culture in the state.
Q.9 a) Chenab bridge, the world’s highest railway bridge, is all set to complete an important construction milestone by March 2021. The Chenab bridge is being made at a height of 359 metres above the river bed – making it the highest railway bridge in the world.The railway bridge is being built to cross the deep gorge, and the main arch has a span length of 467 metres, which Indian Railways claims is the largest in the country.
Q.10 b) Ritwika Sree of Anantapur became the world’s second youngest and Asia’s youngest girl to scale Mount Kilimanjaro. She achieved the record accompanied by her father, who is also her guide.

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