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Daily Current Affairs-8th July 2024

  1. The Indian Institutes of Management (Amendment) Bill proposes which personality as the ‘Visitor’ to all the IIMs?

[A] Prime Minister

[B] President

[C] Vice President

[D] Union Education Minister

  1. The First ever Aadhaar Centre in Indian Army has been inaugurated in which city/town?

[A] New Delhi

[B] Ladakh

[C] Guwahati

[D] Tawang

  1. Hindon River is a tributary of which river?

[A] Ganges

[B] Yamuna

[C] Narmada

[D] Tapti

  1. When was the ‘Press and Registration of Books (PRB) Act’ introduced in India?

[A] 1867

[B] 1882

[C] 1946

[D] 1972

  1. The Railway Board intends to introduce which type of trains to serve low-incom groups?

[A] General category trains

[B] Antyodaya Trains

[C] Economy Trains

[D] Affordable Trains

  1. After late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the UAE?

[A] Atal Behari Vajpayee

[B] Manmohan Singh

[C] V P Singh

[D] Narendra Modi

  1. Which state/UT introduced the ‘School boat’ service?

[A] Assam

[B] Tripura

[C] West Bengal

[D] Karnataka

  1. P. indicus, which was seen in the news, belongs to which species?

[A] Snake

[B] Turtle

[C] Shrimp

[D] Dolphin

  1. Which state/UT has approved two ‘Obra D thermal power plants’?

[A] West Bengal

[B] Odisha

[C] Uttar Pradesh

[D] Bihar

  1. What is the name of the platform, which allow farmers to sell their surplus produce across state borders?

[A] E NAM State Portal

[B] Market Yard of National Importance

[C] E Surplus Seva

[D] E Market Katha


1  –  B [President]

Notes: The Indian Institutes of Management (Amendment) Bill, 2023, was introduced in the Lok Sabha, to amend IIM Act of 2017. The amendment declares the 20 IIMs across the country as ‘institutions of national importance’.

The bill introduced in Lok Sabha by the Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, proposes to appoint the President of India as the ‘Visitor’ to all the IIMs.

2 –  A [New Delhi]

Notes: The inaugural ceremony of the first Permanent Aadhaar Enrolment Centre (PAEC) for the Army took place at 1 Central Base Post Office (CBPO) in New Delhi.

The PAEC is set up to provide convenient Aadhaar services, including enrolment and updates, for both Defence and civilian personnel of the tri-services, as well as their dependents. These services will be accessible through their Field Post Offices (FPO) at 48 designated locations across the country. The establishment of PAEC services is planned at all Command HQs, Corps HQs, and selected FPOs.

3 –  B [Yamuna]

Notes: In Uttar Pradesh, water entered houses as the Hindon River swelled up and overflowed its banks. The Hindon River flows into the Yamuna River as one of its tributaries.

Heavy rain in the Yamuna river’s upper catchment areas, including Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Haryana, led to the Yamuna’s water swelling to record levels.

4 –  A [1867]

Notes:  The Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023 was cleared recently by the Union Cabinet. It aims to replace the long-standing ‘Press and Registration of Books (PRB) Act 1867.

The Act has been in existence for 155 years. The new bill introduces simplified legislation that decriminalizes certain provisions and expands its scope to include digital media.

5 –  A [General category trains]

Notes: The Railway Board intends to introduce general category trains without air conditioning to serve low-income groups, including migrant workers and laborers across the country.

This decision comes after a study identified states with a high number of economically disadvantaged passengers who experience long waitlisted ticket durations.

6 – D [Narendra Modi]

Notes:   Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit to the UAE marked his fifth visit to the country since assuming office in 2014.

He holds the distinction of being the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the UAE in over three decades. Late Indira Gandhi was the last Indian Prime Minister to travel to the UAE in 1981.

7 –  B [Tripura]

Notes:  To assist underprivileged students living on the islands of Dumbur Lake in the Gumati district, the Tripura School Education Department has introduced a complimentary ‘School boat’ service, enabling them to reach school without any charge.

The cluster of 48 islands surrounding Dumbur Lake, situated 120 km from the state capital, relies on fishing as the primary livelihood for the island residents.

8 – C [Shrimp]

Notes: Aquaculture scientists in India have successfully decoded the genome of an indigenous white shrimp variety called P. indicus.

This development is expected to enhance self-sufficiency and increase export earnings. The country currently relies on imported Pacific white shrimp, but this breakthrough aims to reduce dependence on a single species and promote the use of indigenous species for the benefit of the shrimp industry and farmers.

9 – C [Uttar Pradesh]

Notes:  With an aim to ensure affordable electricity for the residents of Uttar Pradesh, the government led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given its approval for two ‘Obra D’ thermal power projects.

These power plants, with a capacity of 800MW each, will be constructed in Obra, Sonbhadra at an estimated cost of Rs 18,000 crore.

10 –  B [Market Yard of National Importance]

Notes:  Market Yard of National Importance (MNI) platform aims to allow farmers from participating states to sell their surplus produce across state borders, creating digital ecosystems that utilize the expertise of different segments in the agriculture value chain.

An Expert Committee recently submitted a report on the MNI platform, recommending the implementation framework, legal framework, inter-state license reciprocity, dispute resolution mechanism, and rollout strategy.

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