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Expansion and Establishment of British Paramountacy – 2

Q.1  What was the reason for the British Empire to annex Sambalpur in 1850?  (a) Lack of proper governance  (b) Death of its ruler without an heir  (c) Subsidiary Alliance  (d) Its involvement in conspiracy   Q.2 The Dual Government recommended by Lord Clive provided that the (a) Criminal justice would be left to the […]

Expansion and Establishment of British Paramountacy -1

Q.1  The state of Jhansi was made a part of the British empire in India through the  (a) Doctrine of lapse  (b) Policy of subsidiary alliance  (c) War against Rani Lakshmi Bai  (d) None of the above   Q.2  The French challenge to British in India came to an end with  (a) Battle of Wandiwash […]

Advent of the Europeans

Q.1  Which one of the following was the first – English ship that came to India?  (a) Elizabeth  (b) Bengal  (c) Red Dragon  (d) Mayflower   Q.2  The headquarters of Danish settlement was  (a) Tranquebar  (b) Serampore  (c) Cochin  (d) Nagapattinam   Q.3  Who among the following introduced cashewnut, pineapple and Tobacco into India.  (a) […]

Kullu District

Q.1  Which uncle of Raja Ajit Singh of Kullu Princely state attacked Kullu with the help of the kings of Kangra and Mandi and was ultimately defeated due to the treachery of the king of Mandi?  (a) Kishan Singh  (b) Jhagad Singh  (c) Heera Singh  (d) Heera Singh   Q.2   Which European traveler traveled to […]

District – Kullu

Q.1  Which of the following corresponds of status of Raja of Kullu princely state?  (a) The king is the ruler of God.  (b) The king has renounced his sovereignty in favor of God.  (c) The king is considered a god  (d) All of the above   Q.2  In which ancient book is the description of  […]

Folk Dance, Folk Songs, Folk Dramas, Instruments, Folk Artists of HP – 3

Q.1  ‘Mohna’ is a folk song of which district?  (a) Sirmaur  (b) Bilaspur  (c) Chamba  (d) Mandi   Q.2  Daangi and Deepak folk dance is related to which region?  (a) Pangana  (b) Bangana  (c) Raigarh  (d) Chhatrari   Q.3  Musafir Ram Bhardwaj of Himachal Pradesh has been given the Padma Shri for work in which […]

Folk Dance, Folk Songs, Folk Dramas, Instruments, Folk Artists of HP -2

Q.1  What is ‘Jhuri’?  (a) Folk Songs  (b) Folk Dance  (c) Instrumental  (d) Puppet   Q.2  Gangi folk songs are associated with which region of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Chamba  (b) Bilaspur  (c) Kullu  (d) Sirmaur   Q.3  Bakayang dance is related to which of the following?  (a) Sirmaur  (b) Chamba  (c) Kinnaur  (d) Una   […]

Folk Dance, Folk Songs, Folk Dramas, Instruments, Folk Artists of HP -1

Q.1  Which is the folk dance in which only women participate?  (a) Daangi  (b) Karthi  (c) Haran  (d) Kamar   Q.2   Which of the following dances is performed in memory of Mahatma Buddha?  (a) Bakayang  (b) Bonangchu  (c) Zapro  (d) Shaand   Q.3  Which of the following musical instruments is a wind instrument?  (a) Sarangi […]

Castes of Himachal Pradesh – 2

Q.1   By what name is ‘Arya’ known in Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Bhot  (b) Girth  (c) Koli  (d) Kulind   Q.2  In which area of Himachal Pradesh are the ‘Girth’ (farming tribes) found?  (a) Kullu Valley  (b) Kangra Valley  (c) Baspa Valley  (d) Ravi Valley   Q.3   In which district is the ‘Sood’ caste in Himachal […]

Castes of Himachal Pradesh – 1

Q.1   What is the main occupation of the Turi Caste people?  (a) Agriculture  (b) Basket making  (c) Knitting  (d) Singing and dancing   Q.2  Which of the following subcastes perform the rituals of the dead and accept donations in their name?  (a) Bhat  (b) Khatik  (c) Acharaj  (d) Turi   Q.3  There are two main […]

Tribes of HP – 2

Q.1   Which of the following is not a tribal area of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Solan  (b) Kinnaur  (c) Bharmour  (d) Pangi             Q.2  What is the meaning of “Kinnar”?  (a) Beautiful people  (b) Deity  (c) Ashwamukh people  (d) People living on Mount Kailash   Q.3  Who are “Gujjar” of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Hunting tribe  (b) […]

Tribes of HP – 1

Q.1  Which part of the Gaddi of Himachal Pradesh claims that their ancestors had escaped from Lahore to escape the persecution of the early invasions of Muslims?  (a) Rajput Gaddi  (b) Brahmin Gaddi  (c) Khatri Gaddi  (d) None of these   Q.2  Khunu Khampa is considered to be a resident of which of the following? […]

Ritual, Culture, Marriage, Food, Clothing, Rites of HP – 4

Q.1   In which community the tradition of breaking a dry piece of wood on the head of the wife by the husband exists, for receiving the community approval of the divorce?  (a) Pangwal Brahmin  (b) Pangwal Rajput  (c) Farera  (d) Rhine   Q.2  In which region of Himachal the ‘Jharaphuki’ marriage practice prevalent among the […]

Ritual, Culture, Marriage, Food, Clothing, Rites of HP – 3

Q.1  In which region of Himachal Pradesh do people fire bullest and throw stones at the eclipse?  (a) Rampur Bushahr  (b) Chamba  (c) Lahaul – Spiti  (d) Kinnaur   Q.2  ‘Rali Pujan’ system is related to whom in Kangra?  (a) Birth  (b) Death  (c) Marriage  (d) Purification   Q.3  According to an interesting practice prevalent […]

Ritual, Culture, Marriage, Food, Clothing, Rites of HP – 2

Q.1  What is ‘Haar Marriage’?  (a) When the family of the boy chooses the bride.  (b) When the girl’s family chooses the groom.  (c) Marriage by consent of the girl  (d) When the girl runs away and marries or when the girl is kidnapped.   Q.2  What is Jhara Phuk or Jhindi Phuk in Himachal […]

Ritual, Culture, Marriage, Food, Clothing, Rites of HP – 1

Q.1   In which region of Himachal Pradesh, “Dubant, Bhakhant and Phukant (funeral)” methods are adopted for dead bodies?  (a) Chamba  (b) Una  (c) Solan  (d) Kinnaur   Q.2   When someone dies in the houses of Himachal Pradesh, which Puranas read the Purohit?  (a) Shiva Purana  (b) Garuda Purana  (c) Vishnu Purana  (d) Makkandeya Purana   […]

Fairs and Festivals of HP – 5

Q.1  Where is ‘Rakshasa Puja’ found as a common practice?  (a) In Mandi  (b) In Kangra  (c) In Kinnaur  (d) In Solan   Q.2  Where is the festival of Holi is celebrated in Grand Fashion?  (a) Mandi  (b) Chamba  (c) Solan  (d) Suanpur   Q.3  ‘Phulech’ festival is celebrated in which district?  (a) Kinnaur  (b) […]

Fairs and Festivals of HP – 4

Q.1  ‘Nirjjala Ekadashi’ is celebrated on which day? (a) On the dark fortnight of Jyeshtha Ekadashi (b) On the bright fortnight of Jyeshtha Ekadashi (c) Asadha’s dark fortnight’s Ekadashi (d) Asadha’s bright fortnight of Ekadashi   Q.2  When is the Shegtsum festival celebrated in Lahaul – Spiti district? (a) First day of Shravan (b) Last […]

Fairs and Festivals of HP – 3

Q.1  Famous fair for “Battle of Buffaloes” –  (a) Sarahi Fair (Arki)  (b) Ladarcha Fair (Kaza)  (c) Haryali Fair  (d) Trilokpur Fair (Sirmaur)            Q.2  In which month is the Renuka fair celebrated?  (a) Kartik  (b) Baisakh  (c) Shravan  (d) Bhadra   Q.3  In which region of Himachal Pradesh is Halda festival celebrated?  (a) Chandra […]

Fairs and Festivals of HP -2

Q.1  ‘Manimahesh Jatara’ is held in which month?  (a) July – August  (b) August – September  (c) October – November  (d) May – June   Q.2   Bhunda Parva is associated with which village in kullu district?  (a) Banjar  (b) Nirmand  (c) Ali  (d) Jagatsukh   Q.3   Which king of Mandi form Shivratri fair into a […]

Fairs and Festivals of HP -1

Q.1  Which day is the “Sair festival” celebrated?  (a) First of Baisakh  (b) First of Bhadra  (c) First of Ashwin  (d) First of Asadha   Q.2  In which fair is the practice of the barber showing the mirror to the villagers?  (a) Sair  (b) Phulech  (c) Cherwal  (d) Gochi   Q.3   Panjgotra fair is celebrated […]

Temples of HP – 5

Q.1  In which tehsil of Shimla district is the temple of deity kurgan located?  (a) Rampur  (b) Rohru  (c) Sunni  (d) Theog   Q.2  The Temple is made of Pyramidal style.  (a) Hateshwari (Hatkoti)  (b) Hidimba (Manali)  (c) Chintpurni (Una)  (d) Lakshna Devi (Bharmour)   Q.3   In which region of Himachal Pradesh is the Shiva […]

Temples of HP – 4

Q.1  In which district of Himachal Pradesh is the temple of Rishi Shringi?  (a) Solan  (b) Sirmaur  (c) Kullu  (d) Mandi   Q.2  In which place is the Mahunag temple located in Shimla district?  (a) Khob  (b) Chanawag  (c) Balag  (d) Nirath   Q.3   Which temple is made of dome shaped?  (a) Shakti devi temple, […]

Temples of HP – 3

Q.1  Which temple around Shimla has been constructed by Neem Kaaroli, the saint of Nainital?  (a) Snakat Mochan  (b) Tara Devi  (c) Dhanu Devta  (d) Kamna Devi   Q.2   In which area of Chamba is the Hariraya temple?  (a) Hardaspur  (b) Jansali  (c) Chaugan  (d) Parel   Q.3  Where is the Hariraya temple located?  (a) […]

Temples of HP – 2

Q.1  Kamna Devi temple is in which area of Shimla city?  (a) Baluganj  (b) Jakhu  (c) Sanjauli  (d) Kathu             Q.2   On which side is the Bhangayni temple in Sirmaur district?  (a) Haripurdhar  (b) Churdhar  (c) Pokadhar  (d) Kalidhar   Q.3  Which temple is there in Darbari village of Karsog region?  (a) Bijli Mahadev  (b) […]

Temples of HP – 1

Q.1  Near which city of Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh is the temple of Katasan Devi located? (a) Renuka (b) Dhaula kuan (c) Bhagani (d) Kafota   Q.2  Who built the temple (Sirmaur) of Katasan Devi? (a) Raja Amar Prakash (b) Raja Dharma Prakash (c) Raja Karma Prakash (d) Raja Jagat Prakash   Q.3  Which […]

Art, Painting and Art Museums of HP -4

Q.1  Gambhari Devi of Himachal Pradesh was related to which region?  (a) Folk Singing  (b) Pahari Painting  (c) Dankari Writing  (d) Chamba Handkerchiefs   Q.2  The major contribution to the growth and development of Kangra kalam has been ………… kalam painting. (a) Chamba (b) Guler (c) Nurpur (d) Bilaspur   Q.3  In the seventeenth century, […]

Art, Painting and Art Museums of HP -3

Q.1  Which art of hill school is famous in the world?  (a) Gandhara School  (b) Mughal Art  (c) Kangra Art  (d) Palampur Art   Q.2  Nicholas Roerich, who created 7 thousand paintings on the Himalayas, was associated with which country?       (a) America  (b) France  (c) Russia  (d) Holland   Q.3  Which of the following is […]

Art, Painting and Art Museums of HP -2

Q.1  Where was the main center of Kangra art style?  (a) Jawalamukhi  (b) Suanpur Tira  (c) Kangra  (d) Nurpur   Q.2 What do Pabuchi, Pandvani and Bhataakshri represent?  (a) Types of scripts  (b) Murals  (c) Textile Painting  (d) Woolen Clothing   Q.3  Where did the Kangra painting style originally originate?  (a) Basohli  (b) Sujjanpur  (c) […]

Art, Painting and Art Museums of HP -1

Q.1  Which of the following paintings is not of Shobha Singh? (a) Hill Scene (b) Sohni – Mahiwal (c) Gaddi Belle (d) Kangra Bride   Q.2  Which of the following paintings is not of Amrita Shergill?  (a) Siasat  (b) Black Nude  (c) Hillman  (d) Kangra Bride             Q.3   In Which school did Amrita Shergill enroll […]

Books, Authors and Literature Awards of HP- 3

Q.1  Who is the author of “Dharti hai Balidan ki”?  (a) Lalchand Prarthi  (b) Rahul Sankrityayan  (c) Mian Goverdhan Singh  (d) Shanta kumar   Q.2 Who has written the book ‘Pabbar – Itihas and Sanskriti’? (a) Jaya Chauhan (b) Devraj Sharma (c) Dr. Karam Singh (d) Ramesh Chauhan   Q.3  Who is the author of […]

Books, Authors and Literature Awards of HP- 2

Q.1  Which person of Himachal Pradesh edited the ‘Sudarshan Chakra Patrika’ around 1938 -40 AD?  (a) Yashpal  (b) Sudarshan  (c) Indrapal  (d) Pandit Amarnath   Q.2  Which of the following has been translated into English by Rajatrangini of Kalhan?  (a) Sir Alexander Cunningham  (b) Sir Arul Sten  (c) Johnraj  (d) Sirivara   Q.3  Who is […]

Books, Authors and Literature Awards of HP- 1

Q.1 The author of ‘The Himalayan District of Kullu, Lahaul and Spiti’ is –  (a) A.F.P. Harcourt  (b) P. Chatwode  (c) G. Compbell  (d) R. M. Barnier   Q.2  Which famous author has described in his books the link between the Khas Republics in the mountainous region and the Aryan monarchies of the plain region? […]

Religion, Faith and Local God -3

Q.1 Guru Govind Singh never went to which of these places?  (a) Mandi  (b) Dharamshala  (c) Naina Devi  (d) Paonta Sahib   Q.2 Most Buddhists in Himachal Pradesh believe in the third branch of Buddhism-  (a) Mahayana  (b) Hinayana  (c) Vajrayana  (d) Drishtyaan   Q.3   How many Shakti Peeth are located in Himachal Pradesh?  (a) […]

Religion, Faith and Local God – 2

Q.1  Before the India and South Africa T-20 match in October 11, 2015, which local God had worshiped Varsha to not disturb the match by HPCA?  (a) Mahunag  (b) Bhagsunag  (c) Indrunag  (d) Kamrunag   Q.2  Who is considered the ‘Chief God’ of the Kumarsain region?  (a) Badu  (b) Kokswar Mahadev  (c) Kamru  (d) Chaturbhuj […]

Religion, Faith and Local God – 1

Q.1  Which goddess is said to be a Latawali?  (a) Naina Devi  (b) Chintpurni  (c) Jwalamukhi  (d) Chamunda Devi   Q.2  Which of these deities is connected to the Kullu valley?  (a) Varuna  (b) Shiva  (c) Vishnu  (d) Indra   Q.3   In which area is worshiped Shirgul Devta?  (a) Sirmaur – Shimla  (b) Una – […]

Languages and Script of Himachal Pradesh – 2

Q.1  Pahari language was written in which script?  (a) Brahmi  (b) Kharosthi  (c) Gurumukhi  (d) Tankari             Q.2   What is the ‘Bhagati’ dialect associated with?  (a) Bilaspur  (b) Una  (c) Solan  (d) Kinnaur   Q.3  Who divided the dialects spoken in Bilaspur, divided into six classes?  (a) G.A. Grierson  (b) T. Graham Bailey  (c) Govind […]

Languages and Script of HP – 1

Q.1  Grierson divided the Pahari language into three parts when surveying Indian languages?  (a) Eastern Pahari  (b) Middle Pahari  (c) Western Pahari  (d) Northern Pahari   Q.2  Baghliani dialect is spoken in which region of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Solan – Nalagarh  (b) Arki – Kunihar  (c) Dharampur – Kumarhatti  (d) Baddi – Barotiwala   Q.3  […]

Soil, Climate and Disaster Management

Q.1  Which of the following regions soil of Himachal Pradesh has a ‘Humus’ type?  (a) Kinnaur  (b) Chamba  (c) Una  (d) Kullu   Q.2  Which of the following is not available in the dry soil area of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Shimla  (b) Lahaul – Spiti  (c) Kinnaur  (d) Pangi   Q.3  Which soil is found […]

Glacier of HP – 2

Q.1 What is the glacier in the Chandra valley of Lahaul?   (a) Kulti   (b) Shilli   (c) Dudhon   (d) Ding   Q.2  In which area is the Mulkila Glacier located?   (a) Bhaga Valley   (b) Pangi   (c) Manali   (d) Rohru             Q.3  What is the name of the world’s […]

Glacier of HP – 1

Q.1  The Bhadal glacier is in which district of H.P.  (a) Lahaul –spiti  (b) Kinnaur  (c) Kangra  (d) Chamba   Q.2   Which of the following glacier is in Lahaul – Spiti’s Chandraghati?   (a) Pacha   (b) Kulti   (c) Shipting   (d) All of these   Q.3  What is the longest glacier in Himachal […]

Lakes of HP – 4

Q.1  How tall is the height of the lake from the sea?         (a) 3962 meters  (b) 3812 meters  (c) 3768 meters  (d) 3902 meters   Q.2  Which lake is located in Shimla district?   (a) Tani Jubbar   (b) Kumarakah   (c) Chandratal   (d) Parashar   Q.3   Whch lake (4883 m) is the world’s […]

Lakes of HP – 3

Q.1  Which of the lakes of the state is made on the river Beas?   (a) Pong Lake   (b) Lake of Govind Sagar   (c) Parashar Lake   (d) Lake of Bhrigu   Q.2  Himachal Pradesh has the largest artificial lake   (a) Rewalsar lake   (b) Dal Lake   (c) Manimahesh   (d) […]

Lakes of HP – 2

Q.1  Himachal Pradesh has the largest lake?  (a) Dashir  (b) Renuka  (c) Rakas  (d) Govind Sagar   Q.2  Where is the Dashir lake situated?  (a) Near Manali (Kullu)  (b) Rewalsar Town (river)  (c) Dhankar (Sirmaur)  (d) None of these   Q.3  Surajmal Lake is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Kullu  (b) Lahaul […]

Lakes of HP – 1

Q.1  Nako Lake is in which district?  (a) Chamba  (b) Lahaul – Spiti  (c) Kangra  (d) Kinnaur   Q.2  Which of these districts is located in the famous Lake Rewalsar?  (a) Bilaspur  (b) Sirmaur  (c) Mandi  (d) Chamba   Q.3  ‘Kamrunag’ is located in Lake Mandi district?  Tehsil where it is located –   (a) […]

Waterfalls and Water Sources of HP – 2

Q.1  “Lund and Dadrana” are located in which district?  (a) Shimla  (b) Mandi  (c) Bilaspur  (d) Una   Q.2  Where is ‘Dainkund’ located?  (a) Chamba  (b) Shimla  (c) Dalhousie  (d) Dharamshala   Q.3  Which of the following places are not hot water spring located?  (a) Tattapani   (b) Kasol   (c) Vashishtha   (d) Lalpani […]

Waterfalls and Water Sources of HP – 1

Q.1  Which of the following hot water sources is in Kullu district of H.P?  (a) Jeori  (b) Kasol  (c) Salol  (d) Kalika Kund   Q.2  Which of the following hot water source is associated with Lord Shiva?  (a) Kherganga  (b) Kasol  (c) Manikaran  (d) Tattapani   Q.3  Which Chadwick Falls is near Shimla Nagar?  (a) […]

Valleys of HP – 3

Q.1  Rupin valley is situated in which district?  (a) Kullu  (b) Kinnaur  (c) Mandi  (d) Chamba   Q.2  Doon and Saproon Valley are located in which district?  (a) Kangra  (b) Sirmaur  (c) Solan  (d) Kinnaur   Q.3  At how much height is the Pangi valley located?  (a) 14,528 feet  (b) 16,250 feet  (c) 10,528 feet […]

Valleys of HP – 2

Q.1  Where is the Pin Valley located?  (a) Spiti  (b) Kyelang  (c) Kinnaur  (d) Shillai   Q.2  The most beautiful valley of the kinnaur district is?  (a) Morang  (b) Ribba  (c) Kanam  (d) Sangla   Q.3  Solang valley is located in which district?  (a) Solan  (b) Kullu  (c) Chamba  (d) Kangra             Q.4  In which […]

Valleys of HP – 1

Q.1  Imla – Vimla valley is in which district of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Chamba  (b) Kullu  (c) Mandi  (d) Shimla   Q.2   In which valley is the Mantalai lake situated?  (a) Sainj  (b) Manikaran  (c) Banjar  (d) Nain Gahar   Q.3   Consider the following  (a) Ravi Valley  (b) Beas Valley  (c) Chenab Valley  Which of […]

Rivers and Bridges of HP – 5

Q.1  Which of these rivers is not flowing in Himachal Pradesh? (a) Sutlej (b) Beas (c) Ravi (d) Jhelum             Q.2  The Source of the river Chenab is.  (a) Chamba Valley  (b) Dhauladhar  (c) Rohtang Pass  (d) Baralacha La Pass   Q.3  According to a popular Himachali myth, this place is located at the confluence […]

Rivers and Bridges of HP – 4

Q.1  Which of the rivers of Himachal Pradesh is called the ‘river of sadness’?  (a) Sthul  (b) Uhl  (c) Baner  (d) Swan   Q.2  Beas River at which place is the Dhauladhar mountain ranges cut?  (a) Rampur  (b) Larji  (c) Kangla  (d) Kugti   Q.3  Gaj hydroelectric project is situated on which river basin?  (a) […]

Rivers and Bridges of HP – 3

Q.1 Which of the following bridge is on the Beas River?  (a) Wangtu  (b) Luhri  (c) Jhalda  (d) Pandoh                        Q.2 The Banganga river flows in which mountain  range?  (a) Sikandra Dhar  (b) Churdhar  (c) Dhauladhar  (d) Kotdhar   Q.3  Which river separates Sirmaur from Jounsar?  (a) Tons  (b) Giri  (c) Jalal  (d) Bata […]

Rivers and Bridges of HP – 2

Q.1  Which river divides Una district of Himachal Pradesh into two almost equal parts?  (a) Swan  (b) Malahat  (c) Bareda  (d) Garni                      Q.2  Chirgaon, a village in shimla district was flooded in which river in 1997?  (a) Pabbar  (b)Andhra  (c) Baspa  (d) Nogli   Q.3  Dhanvi crater (Khad)?  (a) Beas  (b) Sutlej  (c) […]

Rivers and Bridges – 1

Q.1 Where is the Beas river enters in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Mirthal  (b) Sandhol  (c) Bajaura  (d) Chauntra   Q.2  In which place is the river Tirthan found in the river Beas?  (a) Sainj  (b) Shamshi  (c) Larji  (d) Bhuntar   Q.3  At which place does the river Ravi leave the […]

Forest, Vegetation and Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park of HP – 5

Q.1  Kais Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which district?  (a) Kinnaur  (b) Lahaul – spiti  (c) Kullu  (d) Shimla                        Q.2 What is the smallest wildlife sanctuary of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Shikari Devi  (b) Renuka  (c) Shilli  (d) Simlwada   Q.3  When was the first notification to provide protection to ‘Renuka wildlife Sanctuary’ in sirmaur […]

Forest, Vegetation and Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park of HP – 4

Q.1 Where is the Shikari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary located?  (a) Chamba  (b) Kangra  (c) Hamirpur  (d) Mandi   Q.2  Where is the Suketi Fossil Park located?  (a) Suket  (b) Naggar  (c) Shimla  (d) Sirmaur   Q.3  Which of the following is in Bandli Sanctuary?  (a) Una  (b) Mandi  (c) Kullu  (d) Shimla   Q.4  In […]

Forest, Vegetation and Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park – 3

Q.1  Where is the Western Trogopan breeding center located?  (a) Sultanpur, kullu  (b) Dalhousie, Chamba  (c) Sarahan, Rampur  (d) Karasog, Mandi   Q.2 State animal of Himachal Pradesh:   (a) Lion   (b) Snow Leopard   (c) Musk deer   (d) Cheetah   Q.3 What percentage of the total area of Himachal Pradesh is grassland? […]

Forest, Vegetation and Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park – 2

Q.1  What is Alkanet (Ratanjot)?         (a) A Mountain Pass  (b)An herb medicine  (c) A precious metal  (d) Gold – silver etc weighing scale of one seeds                              Q.2 What is the second heritage site in Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Kalka – Shimla train  (b) Great Himalayan National park  (c) Kangra Fort  (d) President resident Shimla, now […]

Forest, Vegetation and Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park – 1

Q.1 Talra Sanctuary is in which district of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Shimla  (b) Kullu  (c) Kinnaur  (d) Solan   Q.2  Talra Sanctuary is situated near which of the tehsil and town of Shimla district?   (a) Jubbal   (b) Rohnu   (c) Theog   (d) Chopal             Q.3  In Which district of Himachal Pradesh is […]

The Rain – 1

Q.1  In which district of Himachal Pradesh, in the post-monsoon season (October to December), the highest rainfall occurred in 2014?  (a) Mandi  (b) Sirmaur  (c) Solan  (d) Kangra                                 Q.2  Which of the following places has the lowest rainfall?  (a) Banikhet  (b) Chail  (c) Kaza  (d) Tissa   Q.3  Which area of Himachal Pradesh has […]

Passes / Holdings (Jots) – 4

Q.1  Where is the ‘Bhim Ghasutri Jot’ situated?  (a) Lahaul – spiti  (b) Mandi  (c) Kangra – Chamba  (d) Kullu – Kangra                                        Q.2 Makori Jot’ is located in which district?  (a) Kangra  (b) Kullu  (c) Chamba  (d) Kinnaur   Q.3  In which district is the ‘Darati Pass’ located?  (a) Chamba  (b) Kangra  (c) […]


Q.1  Which is the source of the Chandrabhaga?  (a) Gyephang  (b) Kyelang  (c) Baralacha La  (d) Pattan   Q.2  Where does the Shipki pass go from where?  (a) Shimla to Kinnaur  (b) Chamba to Bharmour  (c) Kinnaur to Tibet  (d) Spiti to Ladakh   Q.3  How much is the height of the Kunzum Pass?  (a) […]


Q.1  Which passage connects Chamba to Bhaderwah?  (a) Sacha  (b) Padri  (c) Kugti  (d) Darati             Q.2 Which passage connects Lahaul with Bharmour?     (a) Kalicho  (b) Saach  (c) Kuari  (d) Waru   Q.3 Pass, which connects kinnaur with Garhwal –  (a) Charang  (b) Pashu  (c) Makori  (d) Mulari   Q.4 Jalsu Jot (Pass) Adds-  (a) […]


Q.1  Which pass is connecting to kinnaur and Garhwal?  (a) Charang  (b) Lamkhaga  (c) Kamilaga  (d) All these   Q.2 Which Hill Pass connects internal and external Seraj?  (a) Kugti  (b) Jalori  (c) Kalicho  (d) Chobu   Q.3  Where does Chobia Pass connect to two places?  (a) Kullu and Lahaul  (b) Mandi and Kullu  (c) […]

Himachal Pradesh Mountain Ranges, Peaks – 6

Q.1 Hanuman Tibba is situated on which border of which district?  (a) Kullu – Kangra  (b) Kangra – Mandi  (c) Kullu – Mandi  (d) Chamba – Kangra   Q.2  Thamsar Peak is situated on the border of which district?             (a) Chamba – Kangra  (b) Kangra – Mandi  (c) Chamba – Lahaul  (d) Lahaul – Chamba […]

Himachal Pradesh Mountain Ranges, Peaks – 5

Q.1 What is the height of ‘Kailash Peak’ located in Chamba?  (a) 6400 m  (b) 5660 m  (c) 7026 m  (d) 6608 m   Q.2  Hill of Naina Devi is located in which district?  (a) Una  (b) Hamirpur  (c) Kangra  (d) Bilaspur   Q.3  Which of the following mountain peaks is located in Kullu district? […]

Himachal Pradesh Mountain Ranges, Peaks – 4

Q.1 Dhauladhar range is –  (a) In Kangra  (b) In Chamba  (c) In Kullu  (d) All of above   Q.2 ‘Kinnar Kailash’ is a mountain peak situated in which district of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Kangra  (b) Kinnaur  (c) Lahaul  (d) Chamba   Q.3 Which of the following districts is situated in the Shivalik region?  (a) […]

Himachal Pradesh Mountain Ranges, Peaks – 3

Q.1 Hamirpur and Una districts are located in which mountain range?   (a) External Himalayas   (b) Internal Himalayas   (c) Large Himalayas   (d) None of these                         Q.2  The outer Himalaya is called –  (a) Lower Himalayas  (b) Shivalik  (c) Manak  (d) All of the above   Q.3  Lahaul’s most famous peak?  (a) […]

Himachal Pradesh Mountain Ranges, Peaks – 2

Q.1 Where is the Gyas Peak is situated?  (a) Pangi Valley  (b) Kinnaur Valley  (c) Spiti Valley  (d) Kullu Valley   Q.2 Large Shigai and Nohatang mountain are the main attractions of which valley?  (a) Laharul  (b) Kullu  (c) Pangi  (d) Kinnaru   Q.3 What is the height of Churdhar peak?  (a) 10,556 ft  (b) […]

Himachal Pradesh Mountain Ranges, Peaks – 1

Q.1 Narshing Tibba is in which district of Himachal Pradesh?  (a) Bilaspur  (b) Kullu  (c) Chamba  (d) Sirmaur   Q.2 Dhar Barkot is in which district of Himachla Pradesh?  (a) Bilaspur  (b) Solan  (c) Kullu  (d) Mandi             Q.3  Find the mismatch added in the following joints.  (a) Tieun Dhar – Chamba  (b) Jakh Dhar […]

Geography – 2

Q.1 Which district border does not touch the state of Jammu Kashmir?  (a) Kangra  (b) Chamba  (c) Lahaul – Spiti  (d) None of these   Q.2  Which district of Himachal Pradesh is bounded with Sirmaur, Uttarakhand, Solan and Mandi?   (a) Shimla   (b) Kullu   (c) Kinnaur   (d) None of these   Q.3 […]

Geography – 1

Q.1 How much percentage of the total geographical area of H.P. comes in the tribal area?  (a) 10%  (b) 20%  (c) 30%  (d) 40%   Q.2  The area of Kangra district of H.P. is approximately how many square kilometers?  (a) 3975 square kilometers  (b) 5739 square kilometers  (c) 7395 square kilometers  (d) 9537 square kilometers […]

HP GK – 5

Q.1 Himalayan Riyasati Praja Mandal was established in Shimla in 1939. Who was its first president?  (a) Bhagmal Sohta  (b) Dr. Y.S. Parmar  (c) Hridayaram  (d) Bhagmal Sohta   Q.2  The representatives of the hill states of Himachal Pradesh established a society in January, 1946 to run the Federation smoothly in their area.   (a) […]

HP GK – 4

Q.1  Who chaired the conferences of the hill states in Jubbal on July 13, 1939?  (a) Satyadev Bushahri  (b) Bhagmal Sohta  (c) Pandit – Padamdev  (d) Shivanand Ramaul   Q.2 Who was the president of All India State People Conference in the year 1939?  (a) Rajendra Prasad  (b) Sardar Patel  (c) Jawaharlal Nehru  (d) Pattabhi […]

HP GK – 3

Q.1 Which of the following was not related to ‘Pajota Satyagraha’?  (a) Surat Singh Vaidhya  (b) Y.S. Parmar  (c) Atmaram  (d) Shivanand Ramaul   Q.2 The Mandi conspiracy in 1914-15 was influenced by whom?  (a) Pajota Agreement  (b) Bhattiyat Movement  (c) ‘Bhai Do, Na Pai’ movement  (d) Ghadar party   Q.3  What is the place […]

HP GK – 2

Q.1  Which leader of the Ghadar movement was sentenced to death in Lahore conspiracy case, which was later converted into life imprisonment?  (a) Mathradas  (b) Hardev  (c) Hridayaram  (d) Mian Jawahar Singh   Q.2 Who is the composer of the inspirational song-kadam-kadam Badaye Jaa…..of the Azad Hind Fauj?  (a) Baba kanshi Ram  (b) Lal Chand […]

HP GK – 1

Q.1 Who led the Jutogh Revolution (1857 AD)? (a) Maharaja Ranjit Singh (b) Bhim Singh (c) Guru Gobind Singh (d) Sansar Chand   Q.2 The only hill ruler who did not give military and financial support to the British Government during the revolution of 1857?  (a) Ruler of kahlur  (b) Ruler of Bushahr  (c) Ruler […]


Q.1  Consider the following pairs: Radhakanta Deb: First President of the British Indian Association Guzulu Lakshminarasu Chetty: Founder of the Madras Mahajana Sabha Surendranath Banerjee: Founder of the Indian Association  Which of the above pairs is/are correctly matched?  (a) 1 Only  (b) 1 and 3 Only  (c) 2 and 3 Only  (d) 1,2 and 3 […]


Q.1 The people of India agitated against the arrival of Simon Commission because  (a) Indians never wanted the review of the working of the Act of 1919  (b) Simon Commission recommended the abolition of Dyarchy (Diarchy) in the Provinces  (c) There was no Indian member in the Simon Commission  (d) The Simon Commission suggested the […]


Q.1 The Congress ministries resigned in the seven provinces in 1939, because  (a) The Congress could not form ministries in the other four provinces  (b) Emergence of a ‘left wing’ in the Congress made the working of the ministries impossible  (c) There were widespread communal disturbances in their provinces  (d) None of the statements (a), […]

Assessment and Evaluations

                                    Q.1 To make assessment a ‘useful and interesting’ process, one should be careful about  (a) Making comparisons between different students  (b) labeling students as intelligent or average learners  (c) using a variety of ways to collect information about the student’s learning across the scholastic and co-scholastic     boundaries  (d) Using technical language to give […]


Q.1  Who among the following used the phrase ‘UN – British’ to criticize the English colonial control of India?  (a) Anandmohan Bose  (b) Badruddin Tyabji  (c) Dadabhai Naoroji  (d) Pherozeshah Mehta   Q.2 Who was the Viceroy of India when the Rowlatt Act was passed?  (a) Lord Irwin  (b) Lord Reading  (c) Lord Chelmsford  (d) […]

Learning through Problem Solving and Constructivism; Memory and Forgetting

Q.1 Which of the following will foster creativity among learners?  (a) Teaching the students the practical value of good education  (b) Providing opportunities to question and to nurture the innate talents of every learner  (c) Emphasizing achievement goals from the beginning of school life  (d) Coaching students for good marks in examination   Q.2 Which […]


Q.1 Consider the following statements about Madam Bhikaji Cama: Madam Cama unfurled the National Flag at the International Socialist Conference in Paris in the year 1907. Madam Cam served as private secretary to Dadabhai Naoroji. Madam Cama was born to a Parsi.  Which of the statement (s) given above is/are correct?  (a) 1,2 and 3 […]

Learning, Motivation and Emotion

  Q.1 At lower classes, play-way method of teaching is based on  (a) Theory of physical education Programmes  (b) Principles of methods of teaching  (c) Psychological principles of developing and growth  (d) Sociological principles of teaching   Q.2 “A young child responds to a new situation on the basis of the response made by him/her […]


Q.1 At which Congress session was the working committee authorized to launch a Programme of Civil Disobedience? (a) Bombay  (b) Lahore (c) Lucknow (d) Tripura   Q.2 In October 1920, who headed a group of Indians gathered at Tashkent to set up a communist party of India? (a) H.K. Sarkar (b) P.C. Joshi (c) M.C. […]

Inclusive Education

Q.1 Education of children with special needs should be provided (a) Along with other normal children (b) By methods developed for special children in special Schools (c) In special school (d) By Special teachers in special schools   Q.2 A student of V – grade with ‘visual deficiency’ should be (a) Excused to do a […]


Q.1 Consider the following statements:  Some of the main features of the Government of India Act, 1935 were the: Abolition of diarchy in the Governor’s provinces Power of the Governors to veto legislative action and to legislate on their own abolition of the principle of communal representation.   Which of the statements given above is/are […]

Progressive Education

Q.1 The Right to Education Act, 2009 specifies that if the number of children admitted for first class to fifth class is above two hundred then the pupil-teacher ratio required is (a) Thirty (b) Forty (c) Forty-five (d) Fifty   Q.2 Which of the following statements is not true about teaching? (a) Teaching is modifiable […]


Q.1 The Hunter Commission was appointed after the:  (a) Black-hole incident  (b) Jalianwalla Baga massacre  (c) Uprising of 1857  (d) Partition of Bengal   Q.2 Who among the following leaders proposed to adopt complete Independence as the goal of the Congress in the Ahmedabad session of 1920? (a) Abdul kalam Azad (b) Hasrat Mohani (c) […]

Individual Differences and Intelligence; Thought and Language

Q.1 Four distinct stages of children’s intellectual development are identified by  (a) Kohlberg  (b) Erikson  (c) Skinner  (d) Piaget   Q.2 Which of the following is not a sign of an intelligent young child?  (a) One who has the ability to cram long essays very quickly  (b) One who has the ability to communicate fluently […]


Q.1 Which one of the following is not a feature of the Government of India Act of 1935? (a) Diarchy at the Centre as well as in the provinces (b) A bicameral legislature (c) Provincial autonomy (d) An All- India federation             Q.2 The Indian National Army (I.N.A.) came into existence in 1943 in: (a) […]

Socialization Process

Q.1 Which of the following is not related to the socio-psychological needs of the child?     (a) Need for appreciation or social approval     (b) Need for emotional security     (c) Regular elimination of waste products from the body     (d) Nee for company   Q.2 Adjustment means accommodating oneself to […]


Q.1  Assertion (A): The first ever Bill to make primary education compulsory in India was rejected in 1911.   Reason (R): Discontent would have increased if every cultivator could read.    (a) Both A and R are true but R is the correct explanation of A    (b) Both A and R are true but […]

Constructs and Critical Perspectives on Development

Q.1 “Children actively construct their understanding of the world” is a statement attributed to    (a) Piaget              (b) Pavlov    (c) Kohlberg    (d) Skinner             Q.2 The stage in which a child begins to think logically about objects and events is known as    (a) Sensori-motor stage    (b) Formal operational stage […]


Q.1 Simon Commission of 1927 was boycotted because:    (a) There was no Indian member in the Commission    (b) It supported the Muslim League    (c) Congress felt that the people of India are entitled to Swaraj    (d) There were differences among the members   Q.2 The Indian Muslims, in general, were not […]

Indian National Movement – 1

Q.1 The radical wing of the Congress Party with Jawaharlal Nehru as one of its main leaders, founded the Independence for India League in opposition to:    (a) The Finance Commission    (b) The National Development Council    (c) Nehru Report    (d) The Constitution of India             Q.2  Which one of the following was […]

Industry and Infrastructure – 3

Q.1 As per the present disinvestment policy in PSUs: Citizens can also own shares of PSUs Government must retain majority shareholding in the PSUs being disinvested Profitable PSUs cannot be disinvested      Choose the correct answer from the codes below.      (a) 1 and 2      (b) 2 and 3     […]

Child Growth and Development concepts, Principles

Q.1  In which of the following stages do children become active members of their peer group?             (a) Adolescence                                          (b) Adulthood             (c) Early childhood                         (d) Childhood   Q.2  “Development is a never ending process.” This idea is associated with             (a) Principle of inter-relation             (b) Principle of continuity             (c) Principle […]