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Hamirpur District MCQs

1.…………… of Hamirpur was the ancestral village of Hindi writer Yashpal.
(A) Rangas
(B) Saproah
(C) Choru
(D) Bhumple
2. Who is credited with developing Tihara Sujanpur as the capital?
(A) Raja Sansar Chand
(B) Raja Ghamand Chand
(C) Raja Abhaychand
(D) Raja Jai Singh
3.With whom did the Katoch dynasty belong?
(A) Bilaspur
(B) Hamirpur
(C) Una
(D) Chamba
4.Nadaun town of Hamirpur district is on the bank of which river?
(A) Sutlej
(B) Ravi
(C) Beas
(D) Uhl
5. Who founded Hamirpur?
(A) Hamirchand
(B) Harichand
(C) Kabirdas
(D) Laxman Chand
6. What is the percentage share of Himachal Pradesh in Hamirpur?
(A) 2.01%
(B) 3.10%
(C) 2.67%
(D) 3.40%
7.Himachal Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection board is at which place in Hamirpur ? (Currently Hpssc)
(A) Pakparoh
(B) Taal
(C) Pakka Bharo
(D) Bhoranj
8. Till 1809-1846 AD-under whom was Hamirpur?
(A) Sansar Chand
(B) Gurkhas
(C) Sikh
(D) British
9.At which place in Hamirpur district was King sansar chand of Kangra kept King IshwariSense of mandi captive for 12 years?
(A) Hamirpur
(B) Nadaun
(C) Sujanpur Tira
(D) Bhota
10.Who placed the number of Sujanpur Tira in 1748 AD?
(A) Sansar Chand
(B) Abhaychand
(C) Kaiyanchand
(D) Ghulamchand

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