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1. Which of the following corresponds to the status of Raja of Kullu princely state?
(A) The king is the ruler of God.
(B) The King is has renounced his sovereignty in favor of God.
(C)The king is considered a god.
(D) All of the above
2. In which ancient book is the description of Kuloot (Kullu) found?
(A) Brihat Samhita
(B) Vishnu Puranad
(C) Ramayana
(D) All of the above
3. Which ancient writer has described Kulut (Kullu) in his writ/ ings?
(A) Panini
(B) Visakha Dutta
(C) Varahamihira
(D) All of the above
4. Which king of Kullu was the son of mistress?
(A) Ajit Singh
(B) Vikram Singh
(C) Raj Singh
(D) Jai Singh
5. Parshuram Kothi is in which village in Kullu district?
(A) Dhaba
(B) Jagatsukh
(C) Nirmand
(D) Dushal
6. Around the middle of the sixteenth century, which king of Kullu repressed the Thakurs who often challenged his authority?
(A) Vidhi Singh
(B) Man Singh
(C) Pratap Singh
(D) Bahadur Singh
7. Under the princely state of Kullu, there used to be seven regiments. The present Kullu city was under which waziri?
(A) Rupi
(B) Lagasari
(C) Parol
(D) Lag Maharaj
8. Who was the king of Kullu who was the last ruler to rule around 1450 AD under the surname ‘Pal’?
(A) Kailash Pal
(B) Mahipal
(C) Narada Pal
(D) Nisuddin Pal
9. At which place in Kullu district is the sati memorial of the kings of Kullu located?
(A) Naggar
(B) Sajla
(C) Bajora
(D) Banjar
10. Which sage is associated with the Nirmand area of kullu?
(A) Beas
(B) Vashistha
(C) Parashuram
(D) Vishwamitra
Answers: 1.b,2.d,3.d,4.a,5.c,6.d,7.c,8.a,9.a,10.c

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