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Peasants,Tribal, Caste and Trade Union Movements

Peasants,Tribal, Caste and Trade Union Movements
1.Through whose initiative was the Dhaka anushilan samiti formed in October 19o6?
(a)Barindra kumar ghosh
(b) Memchandra qanungo
(c) pulin behari das
(d) aurobindo ghosh
2.The gadkari uprising of 1844-45 directed against the
(a) money lender
(b)British Government
(c)Moharaja of Kolhapur
(d)Both ( a)and(b)
3.Match the following
A.Munda revolt             1.Birsa Munda
B.Koya rebellion           2.Tomars Dora
C.Patna Uprising          3.Sambunath pal
D.Savara                         4.Radhakrishnan Dandsena
      A  B C D
(a)  1  4  3  2
(b)  3  2  1  4
(c)  1   2  4  3
(d) 1  2   3  4
4.The Arhar Movement
(a)was moved by loyalist politics of the Aligarh School and big Nawab and Zamindars
(b)disliked the loyalist  politics of the Aligarh school and big nawab and zamindars
(c)advocated participation in the Militant National movement
(d)All of the above
5.Which among the following was the first trade union organization of India in modern times?
(a)Printers Union of Kolkata
(b)Textile Labour Union
(c)Bombay Postal Union
(d)All India Trade union congress
6. Who is the founding member of Mazdoor Mahajan?
(a)Bp Wadia
(b)Mahatma Gandhi
(c)Jl Nehru
(d)Nm lokhandey
7.Who published the journal dinbandhu?
(a)NM Lokhandey
(b) Sasipada Banerjee
(c)Bp wadia
(d)Lala Lajpat rai
8.Consider the following events
1.indigo Revolt
2.Santhal rebellion
3.Deccan Riot
4.mutiny of the sepoys
The correct chronological sequence of these event is
(b) 4,2,3,1
9.What was the main reason for the greatly worsened condition of the peasants in the late 1920s and early 1930s, which led to peasant movements in the Punjab , Gujarat and up?
(a)New settlements
(b)oppression of the landlords
©Fall in the prices of primary commodities
(d)Rent regulations
10.In which of the following years wan the all India trade union congress (Aituc) formed in bombay?

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