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Sample Answer writing- HAS/Allied Exams

Q. Critically examine the role of women in the politics in Himachal Pradesh (60 words, 4 marks)

Ans- Himachali women contribute the politics of state immensely since from freedom  struggle.Raj kumari Amrit Kaur participated in freedom struggle movement  and  also became  first union health minister after post independence. Leela Devi, member of Rajya Sabha took state’s  problems to the Indian Parliament. Vidhya stokes veteran political personality enriched state politics & hold many ministerial position in  state government .Chandresh kumari(Kangra), Asha Kumari (chamba) ,Pratibha Singh (shimla), Sarwin Chaudhary (Kangara), & Reeta Dhiwan also contributing a lot  to the state by serving people representatives.

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