Modern History :Mock Test-1

Modern History :Mock Test-1 1. Who was the Governor-General of India during the launch of Civil Disobedience Movement? a) Lord Chelmsford b) Lord Reading c) Lord Irwin d) Lord Wavell 2. Consider the following statements : I. Robert Clive was the first Governor-General of Bengal. II. William Bentinck was the first Governor-General of India. Which […]

Indian Economy : Mock Test-1

Indian Economy : Mock Test-1 1. An economy pursuing an expansionary fiscal policy can witness : 1. increase in fiscal deficit 2. increase in wages of labour 3. increase in rate of income tax Select the correct answer using the codes given below. a) 1 only b) 1 and 2 only c) 1 and 3 […]

SSC CGL Exam : Syllabus & Exam Pattern

SSC CGL Exam : Syllabus & Exam Pattern SSC CGL Tier – I, Tier – II, Tier – III and Tier – IV Exam Pattern 2021 The Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam conducted annually by Staff Selection Commission (SSC) consists of four phases, where each phase needs to be cleared depending upon the requirement of […]

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