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Vijayanagar and Bahmani Kingdoms

Vijayanagar and Bahmani Kingdoms
1. Identify the Vijaynagar coin which were in the circulation and were the most widely recognized currency.
(A) Dinar
(B) Huna
(C) Panam
(D) Pagoda
2. Who were Tarafadars in Bahmani sultanate?
(A) Intelligence agents
(B) Provincial governors
(C) Revenue collectors at district level
(D) Prison heads
3. After defeating which gajapati king of odisha did Krishnandeva Raya assume the title of “Gajapatisaptangaharana”?
(A) Ganga Raya
(B) Vira Raya
(C) Ramanayak
(D) Prataparudra
4. During which Vijayanagar ruler’s reign did the feudatory rulers of Mysore, the wodeyars, assume the title of Rajas of mysore?
(A) Venkata I
(B) Venkata II
(C) Tirumala II
(D) Tirumala III
5. The principal parts in the Bahmani kingdom were
(A) Chaul
(B) Cabhol
(C) Calicut
(D) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
6. Which one of the following are true about the observations of Damingo paes?
(A) Men of every nation inhabit city of vijaynagar
(B) Vijaynagar is the best popular city in the world
(C) Practise of killing of many animals in the festival of Mahanavami
(D) All of the above
7. Which member of the astadiggajas wrote ‘Pandurangamahatyam’?
(A) Tenali Ramakrishnana
(B) Nandi Timmava
(C) Madayya
(D) Dhurajati
8. Nicolo de conti, the ltalian traveller visited Vijaynagar empire during the times of
(A) Devaraya I
(B) Devaraya II
(C) Krishnadev Raya
(D) Achyuta Raya
9. The bone of contention between the bahmani Sultanate and Vijayanagar kingdom was
(A) Krishna-Tungabhadra doab
(B) Cauvery delta
(C) Malabar parts
(D) Berar
10. Which of the following are true about tirumala?
(A) Tirumala commented on Jayadeva’s Gitagovinda’
(B) Molla wrote ‘Mollaramayana’ in tirumala’s times
(C) Bhattamurthy wrote ‘Vasucharita’ in Tirumala’ s times
(D) All of the above

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